Local doesn't run after the latest update to 5.3.1

I use Windows 10 version 1903. HP spectre. 64 bit. Local ran the update and doesn’t open anymore. I tried to install the update again, but no luck.

I’ve got the same issue under another thread. Windows 10 1909. There is another thread with the same issue from a few weeks back without resolution…

@letooth25 I saw your ticket, but it wasn’t categorized, so I decided to put this one and mark it as the “Support” category.
Here’s a quick solution I found. I uninstalled the program totally. Then I downloaded the previous version here Releases - Local and installed it. All my projects got attached to the version with no problem. And they work just fine.

I tested the update again. I thought that selecting “all users” vs just one “user” threw the update away. But unfortunately, it didn’t work either.

Thanks Natalia. I’ll categorize my post to add some weight to the issues we are having. I’ll try the solution you propose but uninstall didn’t work for me either last night.

After I tested the update one more time I also had an issue installing the older version. It wouldn’t run just like the newer one. So I restarted my PC, did the install again and it worked. I don’t get it, but whatever lol

I hope it works out for you, @letooth25 !

Same problem here I will try to reinstall it again and see if it works.

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