Local flywheel needs to be re sarted


I dont know if other people have this issue but I find myself having to restart the connection of the website I am developing locally after a certain time is passed in order to work again.

Is there any time limit for the connection to be active or is this an issue other people is going through?

Also, I never add problems to work with the wamp and browser sync but on the flywheel it dosenst work on mobiles or my ipad with the url given by broswer sync. any reason behind this?

two topics in one, sorry for that.

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I’m having the same problem - get this error



thank you for the reply. can you please share if you find any solution? it happens quite often unfortunately

I’m also interested in a solution to this problem…maybe a staff member could assist? Thank you!

This application is now becoming unusable. I have to restart once an hour at least. Is there any support for this ? I know it is a free application so I don’t expect the world but some feedback would be nice.

The sites in Local are in a VM and aren’t accessible outside of the local computer by default. If you wish to view the site on another device the best solution is to use the “Live Link” functionality that’s visible at the bottom of the site info panel in Local.

By this do you mean you have to restart the site in Local before you can access it again?

Are you restarting individual sites or Local itself?

Mostly just the individual site


There might be something automatically changing the hosts file back to the default or commenting out entries added by Local.

Are you on Windows and/or running some type of internet security suite? I know Bitdefender can cause this issue on Windows.

Hi Clay - Yes I’m running Bitdefender - is ther a solution for this?



I couldn’t find an exact article or screenshot for this so I apologize if I’m slightly wrong in my instructions.

You’ll want to open Bitdefender’s settings then look for a setting mentioning “Hosts File”. It may be under Advanced. As soon as you disable that you should be good to go!

If you want to keep it enabled, you may be able to add the domain to the exclusions list instead.


I turned the Scan hosts file OFF


Did that fix the issue?

Working perfectly now Clay. No more hiccups. It was definitely Bitdefender that was the culprit. Thanks for your help

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Thank you so much…changing the Bitdefender settings finally solved the problem for me as well.

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