Local is so slow

Local is painfully slow. Any logs I can report to help the situation. It’s almost unusable locally.

I really like what Local has to offer and want to continue using but it’s to the point where I might have to head back to WAMP and just set things up manually myself.

i’d like to know this solution, if any. i’m on an older imac running El Capitan 10.11.6 and would love to know if there’s a newer LbF i could use to speed things up.

Dropping a note that I updated today to 5.2.8 and local and WP are running much faster.

I was only 1 version behind and the release notes for 5.2.8 makes no mention of bug fixes or speed improvements. Maybe the release notes should mention what was done to improve the speeds.

Hi there,
Local v5+ is a significant rebuild of Local’s core service architecture and runs 5x-10x faster than previous Local versions. Download Local’s latest version here: https://localbyflywheel.com/?download

Here’s a couple helpful tips:

I was previously at 5.2.7. Update to 5.2.8 is a lot faster.

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