Local is up to date, Site will not open (see screenshot) after import by backup file, or direct pull from Flywheel

Hi, I’ve been using Local since the beginning. I’ve never encountered this problem and this is beyond my technical ability at this point.

I’ve tried to import this site via downloading a Backup file from Flywheel multiple times, as well as Connecting directly to the site via Local and pulling from Production. Each time the process finishes and when I attempt to open the site I get this screen (see attached).

I went to Flywheel support, and they said I should post my issue here.

The live site is just fine by the way…no idea why this won’t work.

The error message indicates a problem with your theme. Switch to a default theme and try re-installing the architecturer theme.

It also might be an issue with the PHP version not having all the GD functions.

Unfortunately the admin/login page causes the same error.

Before the latest Local update, I installed and ran this exact website just fine, no problems. Post-update to the current version, I could not open said install. So, I’ve been trying to re-import it ever since, each time, I wind up with this same error screen. The PHP version in Local is the same as on the live site—not sure why it would be lacking anything (GD functions?).

I’ll try to change the PHP version to 7.4.1 but, if this works and I push it to production, will it push the correct PHP version as well?

I’m just having to redo everything I did so I just don’t want to waste anymore time. Like I said, I’ve never run into this issue with Local, I use it and rely on it for every project and it always works seamlessly for me.

Thanks for your help.

Switching to 7.4.1 seems to have “fixed” the issue. I guess I’ll just run with it.


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