Local not working after 5.2.3 update

I just updated to the latest Local Lightning, 5.2.3+2248 on a Mac running macOS High Sierra and now when I start a site, Local indicates the site is running but Safari (Chrome too) can’t find the server. All sites in Local were working fine prior to the update. In Safari I get “Safari can’t connect to the server.” When I try to bring up the site in Chrome, same kind of issue. I get “the site can’t be reached. 2020-dfx-pilates.local refused to connect.”

I’m not sure where to start with this. Any help is appreciated.

I just downloaded 5.2.1 (keeping the the 5.2.3 install) and when I try to bring up the sites with that version, I get the same error that Safari can’t connect to the server. I was using 5.2.1 before with no problems and now even that doesn’t work.

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