Port issue after upgrading to Mac Catalina

I upgraded to Catalina (10.15.3) and now I can no longer use the Site domain option. I know there is a localhost option but it is a problem for me for various reasons. Do you know of any way to get this working again with Catalina? Anything I can try? I am using the most recent Lightning version 5.2.3.

I’m open to any suggestions!
Thank you,

Hi Laura,

Can you please provide your local-lightning.log file? See How do I retrieve Local's log file? for instructions on how to do so.

Also, I know you mentioned that the localhost isn’t a good fit for your project, but if you switch to it, are you able to access the site?

Yes, I can access it, but I’d really like to get Site Domains working if at all possible.
Here’s the log.

local-lightning.log (636 KB)

Hi Clay,

Any progress on this?

While there are many reasons why using localhost isn’t working for me, the most pressing at the moment is that I can’t use SSL which is making it impossible to test certain aspects of my ecommerce system.

Having SSL capabilities is really a necessity for me.



You requested the log and I sent that over a month ago and I still haven’t received any response at all. Is anyone monitoring this at all? Is there somewhere else I should be requesting support?

Thank you.

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Following this thread because I’m having the same issues and also finding it hard to get answers.

Pretty sure this is the same as my issue too. So just flagging the relatedness here. --> Is there a fix for the Port Conflict problem? {Local 5+}

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Thanks for this. This didn’t work for me but I ended up finding my answer here: Error Router

I hope it helps someone else.

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