Local on Windows 10


Is Local by FW stable on Windows 10 please?

I’ve read quite a few issues on this forum and elsewhere, but most of the comments are quite old now.

Is the latest version of LFW stable and reliable enough for business use?


Hi Steve,

Local for Windows has came a long way since the early versions and is stable for daily use. Also, the Local Community is primarily used for support so you’ll see a disproportionate amount of users running into trouble compared to the amount that run Local every day without a hitch.

With that said, always make sure you back up your work like you would if you were working on an important design in Photoshop, video in After Effects, or text document in Word. :slight_smile:

Thanks Clay.

I’ll check my pc for the common issues/blocks which seems to come up for Windows users, then hopefully the install will go through smoothly.