Local: it's nice but terribly unstable

Using LBF for some time now (about a year I think) on Windows10. Had quite a few problems working with it in the past. Presently on 2.2.1, which seems OK (but only with Faster Docker disabled).

However, I do see myself every time I start up or work with LBF praying it will work as I expect it to work. In other words: it always feels extremely unstable.

Seeing all the bug reports, problems people have working with every new version, I’m wondering: when will there finally be a stable version of LBF?

Yes, I know this is free, and is partly relying on ‘real world scenarios’ to find bugs and problems. But really, when you as a company have committed yourselves to bringing this to the community, but it’s so full of bugs and problems (read: not thoroughly tested), it not only undermines my trust in LBF but in FlyWheel as a hosting provider as well.


When there’s a new version available, I always wait a few days to see what bugs and problems have been reported this time about that version. And, there are always a lot.

Yes, I know that’s part of the ‘process’, but with so many problems reported every time a new version comes out, I don’t dare to update. I think I’ll wait till version 2.4.3 or something before I ever consider ‘updating’ LBF again.

Because what I don’t have in this product is: trust.