Uh-oh! We ran into an issue when pulling from Flywheel: Local Lightning

Hello everyone! I’m relatively new to website development, wordpress, and “local” development. I just downloaded Local Lightning, and am simply trying to “pull” my website from Flywheel, into Local. Got an error message that said “Uh-oh! We ran into an issue when pulling from Flywheel.”

It doesn’t say anything further than that. Everything else is connected in terms my my Flywheel account, etc. But when I go to open the site in Local, it acts like it’s a new wordpress site and is completely blank.

I saw a similar problem posted just over a month ago, and it looked like that person’s issue had something to do with Wordfence…however that is not a plugin I have. My site is in infancy stages, and only has 2-3 plugins (Divi theme/builder, Monarch (which is a Divi add-on and isn’t even activated), and Anti-spam bee.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

UPDATE 11-5-2019: So I was able to manually export a back-up of my site from my Flywheel dashboard, and that seemed to transfer just fine into Local. Doesn’t explain why the automatic pull through local didn’t work correctly, so if there is an answer for that still for myself and others who might come across it, that would be helpful, but at the moment, I personally was able to get my current site into Local and seems to be working for now.

Hey @cynerg, for issues specific to pushing/pulling from Flywheel, you’ll be better off sending us a ticket or chatting with support at https://app.getflywheel.com/help

We’d be happy to help figure out what happened with your pull!

Hey @mattwhosthat, thanks for the reply. I started this process by going through Flywheel chat support and they sent me here. But as I mentioned in my update, I was thankfully able to get a manual save of the site I needed saved, so hopefully if/when I need to import that onto the web that there won’t be any issues, but all good at the moment. If I need to push or pull a site later and have an issue, I’ll be sure to send a support ticket instead. Thanks!

It sounds like they may have misunderstood that you were having trouble with Connect to Flywheel in chat. Sorry for the runaround!

Glad you were able to get it going. If you run into any other issues pushing/pulling, don’t hesitate to reach back out there, we’ll make sure there’s nothing holding things up on the Flywheel server.