Local really likes system prompts

For about half of the archive zips I created while migrating all my Local sites from my old MacBook to the new one, Local seems to be very enthusiastic about popping up those system prompts.

The solution is quite simple: wait for the 3 prompts, close two of 'em, fill in the third.
Or start entering your password in the first one, wait when the popping starts, close two, finish entering password.

Here’s what it looks like, in case it’s only me.

Dang it, you caught on to our secret! :sweat_smile:

In all seriousness, this is something we’ve noticed lately and it’s on our list of bugs to tackle.

I just added bug report on our Feedback board so it can be voted on: http://feedback.localwp.com/bug-reports/p/in-some-cases-the-admin-prompt-shows-multiple-times-when-the-hosts-file-needs-ed

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I can just imagine the System prompt parties you guys must be having.
«Hey, I just had 8!»
«That’s NOTHING, I’m up to TWELVE!»

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@clay FYI the multiple system prompts party also happens when cloning a site with Local 5.4.1


Got it! This is currently prioritized to be looked into next sprint.

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