Local Router Error on WP-Admin Page

I am getting a Local Router Error when only I try to load my wp-admin screen.

I have restarted the site and still have the same problem.

I have deleted and imported the site and the problem persists.

Please help.


Hi Brian,

Sorry about that!

What Environment is the site running? Preferred or Custom?

Also, can you provide your Local site’s log files (in logs adjacent to app) by zipping them up and posting them here? If it’s a private project, feel free to private message me the zip.

Mac OS, Chrome Version 68.0.3440.106 All non wp-admin pages are working.


Messaging you the zipped file.

How do I private message you?

Click on my name and then click the button to private message.

I just bumped your user level up to allow PMing. Sorry for missing that.