Local site times will not load, times out

Issue Summary

My site won’t load, so I do not have access to either front or backend of the website that I toiled over.
I last logged in on 16th of August and all was working fine, but since then I click to open site, and the website tries to open in browser, but is stuck in loading mode.

Troubleshooting Questions

This only happens in the website I have populated I have two different test sites that seem to still be working, they use the same theme, but have very little content. I am also using WPBakery to edit.

System Details

Using Local 6.4.2+6012
Windows 10 Professional_

Hello @pris - welcome to the Local Community! :wave:

Reviewing your Local logs (thank you for providing those!) it looks like there is some sort of port conflict happening, specifically Local is trying to connect to a site listening to port 10007 but something is possibly already listening on that port.

One thing you can try is a full restart of your computer. his should close any open or stale processes that would be listening on that port.

If there are still issues loading the site, you might need to try restoring the site to a new one in Local by using a backup of the site.

Additionally, you can try restoring using the files for the site by following the steps outlined in the “Restoring From Only Local Site files” section of this help doc:

Let me know if any of this helps,


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