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Local SSL added but not working

As shown the SSL was installed and I even tried to stop and re-open the site

but the site still doesn’t use the certificate
Windows 11

Hello @mhmd.yassin07 - thank you for your question! :wave:

If you manually load the site with https:// does that work for you or do you get an unsecured error?



Exactly, it’s don’t work, so all my requests to external APIs that need SSL are refused
I used the WordPress official method wp_remote_request() | Function | WordPress Developer Resources
and also I used the code generated by Postman
Generating client code | Postman Learning Center

and both ways didn’t work cause the server API refuse the connection because their is no certificate

Hello @mhmd.yassin07 - thank you for providing that extra context.

Have you gone through some of the troubleshooting steps from this article? There are a number of different things to try near the bottom of this Help Doc:

Sam :woman_technologist:t3: