How to get SSL working v2.2.4

Hi there,

Version: 2.2.4
Me: A Newbie
Desktop browser: Latest Firefox v 60.0.2

I Need To:
To get SSL working on Local so when I upload it to my host provider which has SSL enalbed - SSL will automatically work. I have a limited understanding about anything SSL.

This is what I have done, is it correct ?

  1. I click “Add a local site” using all defaults

  2. I click “View Site” and expect to see a green padlock and “https://test99.local” but I see “http://test99.local” and no green padlock (in firefox)

  3. I go back to Local > click on “test99” > select SSL > click “Trusted”

  4. I repeat Step 2 above, same result - I still only see “http” (not https)

  5. In Wordpress dashboard: Settings > General and change “Wordpress Address” and “Site Address” both to “https://test99.local” (it was http://test99.local)

  6. I install the plugin and activate it

@clay is there perhaps a page you can send me to where I can read up on SSL and how to work with it with Local, and then obviously my host. Honestly I am very lost here.

Tanks in advance,