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Here is a new topic about the Local upgrade WordPress notification since the old one was automatically closed.

The Release website have been upgraded to WordPress version 6.4-RC2 via the shell command below.

wp core update --version=6.4-RC2

I’m NOT using the official WordPress Beta Tester plugin on this website or any other Local website.

Why would Local suggest to upgrade the Release website from WordPress version 6.4-RC2 to 6.5-alpha-57003?

See the other post for more information about this bug.

The Updates API must automatically set a development offer when the current version is greater than the current release.


Everything looks OK in the WordPress admin panel. And these updates are not visible in WordPress unless you have installed the WordPress Beta Tester plugin. These updates notifications in the Local app is a bug.

I created a new site in Local. Used wp core update --version=6.4-RC2 --force. When I went back to the core updates pages it displayed the button to update to 6.5-nightly. WordPress Beta Tester never installed.

Strange, I’ve never seen that message before about updates to another major version in beta or RC. Anyway, the message about update from 6.3.2 to 6-5-alpha should not be there in the Local app.

Thank you @emmtre and @afragen!

Sharing this with the team :green_heart:

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