Upgrade to Wordpress 5.0 Beta

Will it cause problems if I replace the wordpress core files (all but the config file) in my project with the wordpress 5.0 beta for testing?

No, but it’s easier to install the WordPress Beta Tester plugin and choose Bleeding edge nightlies in the settings. Then go the the update-core.php page and select Update Now.

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Thank you!

Note: I think “bleeding edge” with WP Beta is installing 5.1. If you want 5.0-RC2 it’s easiest to use wp cli
wp core update --version="5.0-RC2" --force

@jb510 trust me I’m a doctor, :wink: also the maintainer of the WordPress Beta Tester plugin.

Using wp-cli works too.

NB: After 5.0 drops, tomorrow, it’s likely that ‘bleeding edge nightlies’ will install 5.1alpha.

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