Local Teams feature is down?

I see that this feature seems to be down all together. Is there a way to access the local docker containers manually when the Local UI is bugging as a result of this problem of the service being down? It’s fairly vital that work teams can still work locally even if the remote service is down.

Rob Ruiz

My company is already in contact with support, but I figured I’d add that we are also having this issue. Apparently something to do with Flywheel upgrading their API, and they thought they fixed this issue but it’s still happening.

+1 to the vitalness of having access to my sites even when Flywheel’s not working… I’m pretty much in limbo in terms of my local dev environment right now.

Hey @robruiz.proxibid and @dohnutt

Our engineers have deployed a fix for the issues with the API. You should be all set, but you may need to restart Local if it doesn’t work right away.

Let us know if you run into any further issues.

Thanks @jkiley, everything is working now.

@dohnutt Glad to hear it!