Local works until I restart the app (sites without wordpress installed....)

So I’ve upgraded my Macbook pro to the latest Local, Latest VB, and latest MacOS hoping that would resolve my issues. It did…until I restart Local.

I am able to start Local, pull down a site, make changes, and push the changes. Great! But then if I take a break or restart my computer and launch Local, the same site I was just working on now no longer has the ability to push or pull because of the error, ‘Sites without wordpress installed are not supported’ error. If I disconnect the site and try to repull it and overwrite the existing site, I get an Uh Oh, something went wrong error.

Any thoughts on this? It’s like 40% fixed, can we get it the rest of the way fixed PLEASE? Support help?

Hey @joshuasopko

When you restart the Local and have a site active (ie, clicked on in the app), can you try clicking on another site and then clicking back to the original site?

Does that help remove the error message?

– Ben

I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. HOW DOES THAT WORK?!

When you posted this response I only had one site connected (because I wiped everything out until Local seems stable again). So I re pulled and connected another site and it worked.

I just stopped all sites and shut down the app and restarted all the things. When I reloaded everything, both sites had the options greyed out for pushing and pulling and said *Checking compatability for about 60-70 seconds. Then they turned green!

Crazy solution though? Will this be fixed? Thanks for the tip, tho. This is AWESOME it’s working…mostly. :slight_smile: Thanks @ben.turner

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Thanks for that feedback @joshuasopko

That seems to be a workaround as we narrow in on the specific bug as to what is causing it. I’m glad you got it working!

– Ben

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