LocalWP is very slow. WHY?

So I have tested many local development software.

But Localwp seems that it loads WP very slow, even though it is on my local Windows 10 system which is a 12-core and has 64G of RAM! I even tested it on my Macbook PRO @ 4-core/ 16G of RAM. Same result. I have tested it up against DesktopServer which uses Apache.

And My remote Nginx server moves faster than my Localwp.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?
Does the PRO version of LocalWP have this same issue?
Is there a place is the LocalWP source files to adjust the RAM intake?

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I just installed LOCALWP.

I have a similar configuration and the same experience.

I would love to understand how to make it faster.

TTT - I signed up just to try to find an answer to this question. It takes about 90-120 seconds to process any page. This is unusable for local development.

Can someone provide some advice on how to resolve this?

Very very slow, bulk image uploads (10+) take literal minutes to upload. My live environments run faster and upload faster. It’s very bizarre, I would guess that maybe the application doesn’t allocate enough resources?

As I’m writing this I’m uploading 20 images (less than 2mb of data) to wordpress and watching them crawl as if I were uploading on a 1mbps connection. Looking at the windows system monitor Local is using 3% CPU and 140mb of memory…

I thought they did this lightning update to make things super fast? I would be terrified to see how slow it was before

Hi guys, I’ve been using https://wordpress.org/plugins/airplane-mode/ to speed up my dev site.

I also noticed that MariaDB is super slow on my machine. I’m sticking to MySQL 8.

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