Location of wp-content/ai1wm-backups file in the local machine

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Need to know where this file wp-content/ai1wm-backups is located in my local machine

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System Details

  • Local Version:
    Version 9.0.3+6684

  • Operating System (OS) and OS version:
    Windows 11 Home version 10.0.22631

Local Logs

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Hi @Ashok

Depending what you need to do and your comfort level you could access this a few different ways.

Underneath your site name you’ll see a clickable link for “Go to site folder”. If you click that, and go to App>Public>WP-Content then you should see a ai1wm-backups directory in there. If you don’t see it it might be within the Uploads or Plugins folder.

You could also navigate to this directory using your terminal with CLI by clicking on Open Site Shell which is next to the same spot where you clicked on Go To Site Folder.