Migration and Backup plugins not saving files correctly

What issue or error are you experiencing?

I have tried several plugins looking for something to back up my local WP sites which I have been developing in Local. The problem with a couple of them is that they don’t download the back up into a proper zip folder or a .wp file on my local hard drive. I am left with a .crdownload file which is useless of course. WPvivid is doing this as was All-in-one WP Migration before it. I know I have got to be doing something wrong… but what? Maybe if it is he plugins, someone might have a suggestion of one that works.

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System Details

  • 8.3.2:

  • Windows 11

Local Logs

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Have you tried right-clicking the site and clicking “Export”? More information can be found here.

Does that give you the file you’re looking for?