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Mac arm64 Native Build?

About a year ago there was a comment on a thread by a Local software engineer that mentioned a native build was “months”, not “years” away. I understand that it is not easy to make a native build necessarily, but any update on when a native Local build will be released?

Anything about complexity I see as basically an excuse, because on my M1 Mac I have other Electron apps that are native, as well as native versions of all the tools used by Local (PHP, MySQL, etc.). So what is the holdup?

I understand from my own experience that running Local under Rosetta 2 is just fine, it is for me and I have it running nearly all the time. But Rosetta 2 is transitional technology, it will eventually go away. I would much prefer to have Local safely native years before Apple announces a Rosetta 2 end date (which I expect to still be years away).

Are we now in the “months” timeline that was quoted a year ago?

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Hi @alexclst,

I am happy to provide some context. Local currently ships with Electron 13 due to several different dependencies. Native M1 support comes standard with current Electron, v18+.

We’re actively in the process of updating the version of Electrons shipped with Local, but we’re blocked from supporting those native builds until we resolve the dependencies necessary to make that possible.

I don’t have a date for you, but the work to resolve those dependencies and upgrade Electron is actively in progress with the development team.


Thanks for the update. As I said, Rosetta 2 isn’t detrimental to my Local experience (I use a Mac mini, which means battery concerns aren’t relevant), so this isn’t an urgent issue. But I was curious, and I am glad to hear that work is still actively underway. I’ll await hearing more in the coming months.

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Just curious if there is any progress on this. It seems that Rosetta 2 is at least with us through macOS Ventura, but still hoping to see Local 6.x or 7 end up with Electron 18+.

Hey @alexclst, thanks for checking back in! Yes, still making progress - we’ve unblocked ourselves by removing some dependencies that have been deprecated. We’re nearly there on upgrading our Electron version.

Part of this upgrade will also be shipping native binaries for PHP (and other services packaged with Local), which the engineers are working on first. Even just with a native build for PHP, we’ve seen sites performing nearly 2x as fast on M1 machines, so that will be a big step forward too! The updated PHP versions (including the native PHP) will be included in the next release of Local. Once those are out, full-steam ahead on updating Electron.


Yay! Yeah, I assumed native versions of the “lightning services” would be coming too, and it makes sense for those to be coming sooner. After all, most of the same tools I have from Homebrew native already.

Frankly, I barely look at the main Local app as I mostly use it to configure sites, but then have Tasks in VS Code set up to start and stop them as needed from my development environment via the local-cli. So this very next update will bring most of my use native, which is nice. Looking forward to that 2x speed boost.

Of course, with no ability to create sites in the CLI yet I do use the main app from time to time, so having that be native in the nearish future will be nice too. Thanks for the update!

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