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Apple Silicon M1 native support

Although this previous feature request has been marked as closed or completed, regarding the growing architecture shift on Mac and regarding the limited performance, this would still be highly appreciated. :slight_smile:

This is the only remaining Intel-only app I regularly run on my Mac. Hoping for a native version sooner rather than later!

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Just thought that it’d be a good idea to point out that the next beta of Local has a native Apple Silicon download. So this is about to be dealt with.

Pretty sure you meant current beta, Local Beta 6.5.0


Even the latest Local 6.7.0 is still not fully native: nginx, mysqld, and mailhog are all still Intel binaries. What is the status of an update for Local that is fully Apple Silicon native? As it stands, Local is one of just two apps on my Mac that remain at least partially Rosetta-dependent. I presume this is still being worked on, but as more and more updates to Local ship without mention of this in their release notes (and after double-checking in Activity Monitor), and as we draw ever closer to the next WWDC where we may hear about how much longer Rosetta has to exist, I just want an update on the progress of fully completing this feature request.


Hey @alexclst! I just wanted to let you know I’ve shared your comment with our Local Devs. This is something that has been raised inside and outside of the forums and they have had it on their roadmap already. As you noted, WWDC could end up creating a priority shift for this and moving timetables. For the time being, we don’t have a specific ETA or update to provide, but I just wanted to you let know that this hasn’t been forgotten about. We always appreciate the insight of our community!