Mac: Mojave support?

It’s that time. With the first public beta of Mojave out… do we have any word on whether Local supports it or a timeline for that? I’d just upgrade and try but 1) in the middle of 3 projects and 2) my backup Mac died. Sadly. :frowning:

Hey Rick,

Good point!

We usually do start testing Local on major macOS releases as soon as they hit the Public Beta phase. I’ll post an update here after we test Local on Mojave.

Welll… I could not resist. Installed public beta 1. Local never starts the local machine. Reason? Virtualbox 5.2 will not run (the OS tells you you can’t use it).

Please try the steps here:

Much more info VBox and Mojave here.

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Basically means don’t use Mojave until a new version of VirtualBox >= 5.3 is released or Local switches to another method.

Hopefully this is the solution and will be fixed soon.

I reverted to High Sierra. I played with setting up a LAMP stack using the inbuilt Apache/PHP etc but serving things over SSL was not working (need to do local commerce testing) and I couldn’t install certbot to do the lets encrypt thing. Dark mode is cool… but I nee to get work done. Also, Time Machine is garbage :stuck_out_tongue: (restore left me with a non-bootable SSD. Boo…)

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I have a fully-built website that I can no longer access! Sucks!

After fixing this on a few machines now, I went ahead and wrote an article on how to get Local running in Mojave 10.14 beta 3. It’s about a 5 minute process once you have the installation files downloaded - not a bad deal.

Spoiler: Virtualbox kernel extensions aren’t approved yet, so you need to disable SIP, reinstall VB, then run 9 commands in terminal, then Local is back up and running - all your sites are fine. Easy peasy.


Excellent. I’ve fallen back to High Sierra and will likely stay there but this is great info to have if the itch to go Mojave becomes too much to resist.

Per the ticket on VirtualBox ( This should be resolved and working with Beta 4. Now, can someone with Mojave actually confirm that? :smiley:

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Ok, I went ahead and upgraded to Mojave (again) and I’m happy to report that Local seems to be working fine for my sites



Rock on! Thanks for testing Local on Mojave :smiley: