2.4 on MacOS Mojave still gets stuck checking system

Hi, I haven’t been using local all summer because i’m running the MacOS Mojave beta and Local would always get stuck “Checking System” (I understood it to be an issue with virtual box). I just installed the 2.4.0 build which sounds like it should support Mojave now since it supports dark mode, but I’m still getting stuck on the never-ending “Checking System” screen. Anything I can do to test this?

Macbook Pro running latest MacOS Mojave public beta.

Working for me, but I also jumped through a bunch of hoops to get VirtualBox working on Mojave originally.

I’d recommend manually upgrading VirtualBox to 5.2.18 r124319, and Xcode to 10 (or at least the command line tools to the latest for Mojave.) Give Local a try then, and report back?

Upgrading VirtualBox manually did the trick! Thanks for the tip.

Nice! Happy it worked!

Thanks @JJJ and @brentjett for this thread! Curious if Local will get another update before Mojave comes out next week.

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