macOS Monterey support?

macOS Monterey launched today. Has anyone tested out compatibility with Local? Any issues with xDebug?

Works for me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Another OS update, another round of convincing IT to let us upgrade to see what breaks. :crying_cat_face:

Sounds like it mostly works though – thanks for letting us know @afragen ! :larry_heart:

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Can we get something more official from the Local team? Like a “yes, we’ve tested it and it works and we support it”?

Because I don’t have the time to update and then find out it mostly works but A and B are broken.

I’m seeing many app developers just going silent re: Monterey.

There aren’t many new features that matter (nor any noticeable speed boosts) so I’ll likely just wait for the app devs to announce compatibility. And wait for 12.1.

The official response is that we haven’t tested Local on Monterey. I don’t have an ETA for when that will happen as our internal IT team is still validating all of the things associated with Monterey and making sure it doesn’t break the various tools we use at WP Engine.

The main thing that I think would be “broken” is the same thing that isn’t working well under Big Sur – ie, the Local UI feels slow when clicking through to different parts of the app.

I know this topic didn’t start out by asking about performance, but we have a much better idea of why Local is slow on newer versions of MacOS, although we don’t really know the best path forward. If anyone is interested, the underlying issue is basically that MacOS has a significant performance hit for the various child processes that Electron spawns:

In Local’s case, this is predominantly encountered when Local is asking the WordPress site more information about itself.

First off, thanks for the reply.

But… this is disappointing - macOS releases happen every fall and have a months long beta. I get that you have a lot of things going on but given the predictability of the OS releases and the availability of betas, please prioritize testing Local with these releases so we can, if we want to, update the OS on or near its release date.

On performance - I’d love to see that fixed, but I’d live with knowing that Local works and you’ll support it on a new release but that performance is not yet fixed. After all, as you note, we have to live with that now.

More info and a question:

Info - launching tableplus from the database tabs fails. Click on it and it just turns red. Happens with MySQL 5.7 and 8.0.

Question - why is this topic greyed out?

Topics are greyed out when you’ve viewed them and nothing has been added since the last time you opened it.

TablePlus works for me on Monterey.

Huh odd. I updated my backup Mac and no bueno even on a new site

Yeah I am a little nervous about this because I need a new laptop (my old one is late 2009, and is essentially a useless brick that I rarely use any more - but I won’t complain as it was a gift when I was very broke :grinning: ). I work from home most of the time on my iMac - which, coincidentally, runs Local on BigSur with relatively few problems if any (most of the websites I manage for my clients aren’t very large so that may be a factor, and I keep as much of my design and coding as streamlined as possible). As I’m starting to travel a bit, I’ve got to get a working laptop - so I’m looking at getting the new MacBook with the M1Max chip (I do a LOT of graphic design, some video editing, etc.), but it ONLY comes with Monterey installed. I’m hoping it will work as I much prefer running WP via Local rather than having to do it the old way.

~ Tracy

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