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Mail Hog smtp

wondering how powerful this addon is currently?
will it allow us to test most popular wp smtp plugins?

Hey @escocia1 – I’ve moved this topic to the general “Support” category since Mailhog isn’t actually an Add-on and comes bundled with Local core.

The Mailhog utility in Local is pretty powerful. To be specific, any mail that is sent using PHP from the actual WordPress site will be captured. This includes emails that are sent using the wp_mail() function, but also lower level PHP functions to send mail.

I’m not 100% sure if Mailhog will capture emails from plugins that replace WordPress’ default mailing function and instead make API calls to their service.

Some example plugins that come to mind are for Mailgun or Sendgrid. If you are using some custom emailing plugins, you might want to keep that in mind!

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