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Downloaded the MailPoet plugin in order to use a theme that was purchased; the theme itself came with demo content that doesn’t seem to funtion properly without this plugin but I keep getting this error:
MailPoet Error: Unable to connect to the database (the database is unable to open a file or folder), the connection is likely not configured correctly.

I am completely unable to figure out how to resolve this issue despite MailPoet’s suggested solutions. Any advice?

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I have exactly the same problem, I use MailPoet very frequently.

Hey @YannTheSwan Welcome to the forums and sorry for the issue you are encountering!

Do you have a screenshot of the exact error that you are seeing?

The part about the database is unable to open a file or folder doesn’t quite make sense to me. Usually, databases aren’t acting on the filesystem in this way.

It’s possible that this plugin might be trying to connect to the database in an odd way.

Are you able to link to the suggestions they provide or any help docs that they point you to?

One thing to remember is that Local is an offline development tool, so if this plugin is trying to have remote access to the site’s database, it likely won’t work.

Hi Ben, thank you for the response. As it turns out I think you were correct as the plugin is probably trying to have remote access to the site’s database. I tried using the same plugin on an online site and it seemed to work without and issues. It seems running it locally was the problem.

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