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MariaDB 10.5 for all OSes

Hello there, I need to test in local a wordpress website using MariaDB 10.5 and PHP 7.4.
Are available these features with Local?
Thanks for support


Hey @kissenefrega, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

What operating system are you using? Right now, only Windows users can download MariaDB, and it looks like the current version that’s available within Local is 10.4.

Hi Ben, thank you for your answer.
I’m using a MacOS 11.5.
No Windows.
Do you know if in future will be added a feature with MariaDB 10.5 on MacOS?
It’d be great!


There’s nothing planned for getting MariaDB support in other places, but I’ve moved this topic to the Feature Requests category so that it can be upvoted!

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