MariaDB Support

Any update on MariaDB support?
The last threads were from 2017-18.

I really need this feature, please include the ability to select the latest MariaDB Version too! :+1:

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Yes please. need this to work on our sites

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Ugh, so this need to be voted again

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amazing idea

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it looks no one cares about db maria. but we know that db maria is the most demanded db for wordpress sites

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One more vote.

UPVOTE! Mariadb on Mac – without it, Local is no good to me. ALL my servers run mariadb 10.x

Upvoted. I feel that adding support for MariaDB would be a massive benefit to the community. I appreciate the commitment to improving/growing support for PHP. I think adding a more comprehensive approach for DB support would be a huge win.

This feature request is six years old now: is it progressing or is it abandoned?

I would like to have the ability to create offline sites with Local, using MariaDB databases.

My productions sites use MariaDB, so I always have to test for incompatibilities between MySQL and MariaDB.

Hello, all! :wave:

Thank you for sharing your desire for MariaDB support on MacOS. I spoke with the Local engineering team and in full transparency, there is no intention of adding this for MacOS in the near-term roadmap.

Please feel free to continue the discussion here, we appreciate you!

Thank you,


@sambrockway : I appreciate the transparency, but can the engineering team reconsider? MariaDB is gaining in popularity, if not the top one already. For example, Bitnami’s default Wordpress installation on Lightsail gives only MariaDB as the option. Using Local to test has been a major part of my workflow and going back and forth between MySQL and MariaDB is breaks that workflow.

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Hi @mve! I’ve shared your feedback with our team. To reiterate what Sam mentioned it’s not necessarily that this is a firm “no” to it ever happening it’s just not something on the immediate radar. We are always checking our community for feedback and interest. Thank you for your contribution!

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any update? My provider just use MariaDB. I need this in Local too. PLEASE!

My new job has provided me with a Macbook Pro M2 and I now have no access to MariaDB with Local. Hosts are moving to MariaDB everyday. Hope to be able to come back to Local one day but for the time being I have to look elsewhere.

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This is a hardline dealbreaker on what has otherwise been a really really nice tool. Sincere thanks for the memories! Maybe we’ll cross paths again someday.

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Hey all - thanks for chiming in on the feature request!

I’m curious - can you all share more about which providers you’re on that require MariaDB? I’d love to learn more! @GCR @BWBama85 @thomasghenry

We offer MariaDB on Windows, and the usage is quite low - it is the main reason we’ve hesitated to add it to Mac. That, and the list of “official” hosts from MariaDB isn’t large -


I have been a longstanding user of the Wordpress install that comes with Amazon Lighsail, which uses a Bitnami installation. They moved over to MariaDB. I prototype all my Lightsail website using Local and run a simple SSH pipe to sync databases with the live site. That is no longer possible and limits the usefulness of Local for me. Bitnami is a wildly popular install for Wordpress and all of those users would find it helpful.

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Cloudways defaults to MariaDB over MySQL.

Article: Why is MariaDB the Cloudways’ Choice for the Database?

However, newer servers and servers deployed after January 12th, 2022, are available with Debian 10 distribution and MariaDB 10.4 as a default database.
Why is MariaDB the Cloudways’ Choice for the Database? | Cloudways Help Center

Article: Which Base Packages are Deployed With a Cloudways Server?

Our stack includes MariaDB 10.4 as a default database of your web application
(Which Base Packages are Deployed With a Cloudways Server? | Cloudways Help Center)