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MariaDB Support

Any update on MariaDB support?
The last threads were from 2017-18.

I really need this feature, please include the ability to select the latest MariaDB Version too! :+1:

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Yes please. need this to work on our sites

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Ugh, so this need to be voted again

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amazing idea

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it looks no one cares about db maria. but we know that db maria is the most demanded db for wordpress sites

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One more vote.

UPVOTE! Mariadb on Mac – without it, Local is no good to me. ALL my servers run mariadb 10.x

Upvoted. I feel that adding support for MariaDB would be a massive benefit to the community. I appreciate the commitment to improving/growing support for PHP. I think adding a more comprehensive approach for DB support would be a huge win.

This feature request is six years old now: is it progressing or is it abandoned?

I would like to have the ability to create offline sites with Local, using MariaDB databases.

My productions sites use MariaDB, so I always have to test for incompatibilities between MySQL and MariaDB.

Hello, all! :wave:

Thank you for sharing your desire for MariaDB support on MacOS. I spoke with the Local engineering team and in full transparency, there is no intention of adding this for MacOS in the near-term roadmap.

Please feel free to continue the discussion here, we appreciate you!

Thank you,