MariaDB Option?

Well, local by flywheel was suggested to me via a online class, I was really excited, downloaded, installed, and fired up my first test sandbox… WoooHoooo…

But then I tried to install a site (via duplicator) and that is when I discovered that there is no option for MariaDB. On all my servers I am running MariaDB 10.2, therefore I was unable to import my databases as there is a database version issue.

( I was able to manually import the sql file, but would be great to have MariaDB as on option sense it deals with InnoDB performance different than MySQL as a result of MariaDB available engines. )

Will you all being providing MariaDB support?
I ask because I see there was a feature request made what looks like back in Dec 2017…

Or is there a way to install it manually?

Thanks for a great Tool… looking forward to adding it to my DevToolBox.