Merge or Overwrite

Okay, just getting going on Local here.

I am trying to figure out exactly what happens when you push a site from Local to Flywheel. The consensus and support state that the push to Flywheel will overwrite the files and the DB (if you choose for it to write the DB).

So, I fugured I would do a simple test to verify this.

  1. Download a site to Local
  2. Update just the theme files on the local site
  3. Update just a couple of plugins on the live site
  4. Push local to Flywheel. It’s assumed that the plugins that were not updated on the local site would show that they would need to be updated on the Flywheel site.

This is not the case. On the Flywheel site, it shows that both the plugin updates that were done on the Flywheel site and the theme updates done on the Local site are both in place.

It seems that it merged the two sites rather than overwriting them.

Super confusing at this point!