Cloning the local version of one site to a Flywheel demo site

Hey there,

TLDR: I have a site hosted on Flywheel (Site A) that I’ve pulled down and it has local changes made to it. I need to clone that local version to a separate Flywheel demo site (Site B) without uploading the local changes back to Site A.

I’m working on a web site for a client, and they have it hosted on Flywheel (let’s call their instance of it “Site A”. I’ve connected to that site, pulled it down with Local, and done a fair amount of work on it. Part of my agreement is that I will not upload my work back to Site A until the project is complete and they’ve paid the invoice but enough situations have come up where they really need to be able to SEE what’s been done that I need to find a way to make that happen without handing the work over. I’ve tried ngrok, but there’s too many connections going on with the site, so you have to wait 30 seconds before navigating to another page. There’s several people who need to access it, so ngrok will simply not work, it would instantly get overloaded with too many connections.

SO, I’ve spun up a Flywheel demo site (we’ll call this Site B), and I need to get all my local Site A code uploaded into Site B without pushing the local changes to Site A. When I click “Push to Flywheel” on Site A, there’s a dropdown menu that makes it look like I should be able to select Site B for the push, but it’s not showing as an option. What do I do?

Here’s the current views of the Connect tab, and the modal that appears when I click “Push to Flywheel” on Site A.

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