Migrating Local Site to LIve

How do I load my local site to my live server?

Hi @LevelCreativ,

Right now there’s no “official” way to push to a live server, but here are a few ways.

If anyone else has suggestions, feel free to chime in!

Thanks Clay, I think after a week of stress - Im going to go back to server
dev. I will use manageWP and just create a set up site, then clone it
-works like blueprint - plus I can use project huddle - this is a great
concept for single designers right now, I will try pro when it comes
out…thanks for all the input and help

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You can SFTP your files, but FlyWheel does not allow “direct” access to MySQL.


As far as that tweet goes, I’m assuming that’s remote access. We do allow it, but that’s only under certain circumstances.

Flywheel still offers a database manager where you can run SQL commands, import SQL files, etc. See https://getflywheel.com/wordpress-support/flywheel-support-phpmyadmin/