Migration from hosted to local site


  • How to upload or to replace a downloaded site in our local folder TO a new install creating with WPLOCAL hosted on my laptop ?

  • How to migrate the database and How to move all files ? What Changes for htaccess, wp config, … files ?

  • How to remove flywheel account ?

Thx You

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Hi @GILM! Sorry for the misunderstanding but it seems you’ve got a lot of thoughts here. Could you help us clarify what it is you’re trying to accomplish?

Are you trying to import a new site to Local?

Where are you trying to migrate the site to? Another host?

Do you have a site that used to be on Flywheel?

Hi Nick
1/ I ve a chromebook with linux
2/ I ve downloaded a site www.A.com from my hosting provider
3/ I created a new site http://B.local from my local account
4/ I m looking to move the A files to B folder, to update some files as wp-config and import A database into B database ?
Hope to be clearer this time :slight_smile:
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Hi there @GILM -

Is there a reason you wouldn’t just want to import site A into Local as a brand new site? Then you can update the wp-config.php files and anything else you wanted to do.



Hi Sam
Why not… I’ve never done an import until now and I can try !
But one question how into the database all url expressions as “https://www.A…” will be replaced by “http://localhost:10003/…” ?
Have you got tuto or video about this
Many Thx

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