Missing images after migration to live environment

Whenever I migrate the files and database to a live environment, some of the images are missing. Especially background images in sections (I’m using Bricks Builder).

This is how I operate:

  • Update the Wordpress and Site address URL in the Wordpress settings (in Local).
  • Export the /public and /sql folders, and upload them, and import db.
  • Everything works fine, except for some of the images. It happens all the time.

Custom fonts seem to missing initially as well, but after emptying browser cache those appear again. Which is weird as well, but okay.

Hi @henkvz

When using Local Connect to push to WP Engine or Flywheel there is an automatic Search and Replace that happens to help clear up mixed content and pathing issues. The same generally happens when using any sort of migration plugin, however, some images, front-end assets, or other HTML elements may be missing from your site when viewing it if everything wasn’t caught. So sometimes it might still be necessary to do a manual S/R and clear plugin/theme/server cache, regenerate CSS, etc.

There are also plugins like Better Search Replace that can assist with this as well if you find that easier to help clear up things like mixed or insecure content.

I’m migrating as described above, manually without plugins.
The images are not missing, just not visible.
It’s not a mixed content issue btw.

So do you have to do some S/R to get the images to show? Or is that just caching as well?

Or are you saying the images aren’t making it in the initial export/import and you have to retrieve them again manually?

The images are in the Media library, but just not shown.

I just into the builder and place the images again. It’s a lot of work.

What you’re describing isn’t necessarily a Local bug or issue, but just part of the process of manually migrating sometimes. If you want to make things as simple and smooth as possible you might try using a migration plugin instead like WP Migrate PRO.

If you’re hosting your sites with a specific Managed Host they might have a migration team, tool or recommended plugin for their platform as well.

‘part of the process’: sorry, but what different does a migration plugin do from what I do manually?

But I’ve never experienced this before, only with Bricks.

Do you mean it only happens with Block themes? Did it just start with WordPress 6.3?

It happens with Bricks Builder yes. Not sure what version of Wordpress it occured first time.

I always used Better Search Replace to replace old url’s and http. But that renders a Java error lately. I might try the Better Search Replace plugin to see if that helps.

I wonder if you could be having issues related to this WordPress 6.3 bug:

I had a deeper dive into the matter and tested a migration. Even after updating the Wordpress and Site URL’s, it seems that not all image paths are updated! No wonder some of the images were not shown.

I’m not sure if this is Bricks Builder related, but I’ve never experienced it before.

I used the Better Search Replace plugin to update the paths and the images were fine again.


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