Post-migration from the local site to another server


Today I used the plugin “All-in-one WP Migration” and all went fine with the migration to the other server, except the images. Some are not visible and some are. And also when I try to add some to the library it loads but it does not appear, a gray rectangle appears instead of the image.

Does anyone know how to solve this?
Thank you

The browser console will tell you what’s wrong, but it will not give an answer. Not sure about Edge, but with Chrome or Firefox:

  1. Right-click somewhere blank on the page/media library where the image is broken.
  2. Click Inspect, then Console.

Note/post any errors (especially in red) that you see (or paste a screenshot of the errors). Alternatively, if you are willing to post a link (you can edit/delete it later), we might be able to glean some information from the frontend.