Missing Images when useing Live Links, Elementor and Revslider

Hi @ben.turner, my problems is a little bit complicatee to explain.
I have a localhost testing site, and on a desktop version all works, if i check the link on my smartphone (the real one and not the desktop simulation) the main 3 images (blog that recalls articles) are not visible.
here the link

and the page it’s correctly visible on line here (if you check it on smart phone)…the same site.

Hey @Jamira – I split out your reply to its own topic.

I took a look at the live site and when I look at the markup of the page, it looks like it’s built with Elementor and Revslider:

One other thing I notice from the mobile screenshot of the Local test site is that it seems that the phone is using a Live Link (kindhearted-possum.localsite.io) – is that correct?

I’d be curious to know what domain is showing when you access the Local site over the live link on your desktop computer.

My guess is that the data-thumb attribute will have the regular site domain (ie example.local) as opposed to the correct Live Links domain.

It’s possible that this is a bug in Live Links in that it’s not sure how to handle rewriting that url.

If you’re wanting a workaround for styling and testing on mobile-sized viewports, I think Chrome’s tooling is really cool, and might be enough for your needs:

Shared with Zight

On the other hand, if this is a bug with Live Links, I’d love to know more about how this site was made so that I can replicate the issue on my end!

Hi Ben,
thanks again for your help.
And yes you’re on all the text you write to me and i supposed or better i guess it’s a bug of the live link,
i use the local app and i have create a news site and work using a theme that i have buoght on envato, installed and personalizes using
child theme and css.
If you want i can give you the access to my develop site.


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