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Is it possible to use different versions of mySQL than what are available in the select boxes? We are looking to keep up with the last versions of mySQL from a security standpoint. Right now we are looking to run 8.0.21 or higher with 8.0.33 being desired.

Hello @RainvilleM -

You are limited to the options that are available within the Local app, however, mySQL 8.0.16 should be compatible with and function the same as the newer patch versions.

Namely, the major.minor versions (in this case, mySQL 8.0) will be compatible with other major.minor versions on your deployed server. As long as where you’re hosting is also running mySQL 8.0, you should be good.

The recommendation then would be to use the highest available in Local and when you deploy it should all be compatible!

Please let me know if you have any other questions & happy building! :green_heart:


So there is no way of overriding the options for the mySQL versions? If I installed a newer version of mySQL on my machine, it wouldn’t show up or be available to use? The versions shown in the application are the only ones usable and isolated to the software? I’m trying to get clarity for our Security team. I appreciate your timely response.

Hi @RainvilleM - that is correct, there is no way to provide custom PHP/mySQL/nginix/Apache versions to the software. Because the software is contained locally and not deployed to a server, there is no risk to the final production site assuming the latest versions are provided by your host.

Let us know if you have further questions.

Is there a cadence or release roadmap for version updates and patches?

No hard-and-fast cadence, no. If you have specific concerns about risks or need for certain patches, certainly let us know and we’ll be happy to evaluate.

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