PHP and MySQL Versions


My hosting providers settings are:

PHP version is 7.0.29

MySQL version is 5.6.36

What’s the best settings to use in Local please, as Local’s options do not match my provider exactly?

Thank you

Hi Steve,

The Custom environment with PHP 7.0.3 and MySQL 5.6 will be nearly identical to your provider. :slight_smile:

The third number in the versions above is the patch version and usually only contains small fixes or security patches (irrelevant on a local environment). Typically speaking, the differences between these patch versions are indiscernible.

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Thanks Clay.

Mystery solved :slight_smile:

Local is brilliant, and so is the support.


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Hello @clay following on from this thread. I have a similar situation:

Web Server : Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS).

MySQL version is Maria DB 10.4.12 Release date: 28 Jan 2020

PHP: 7.4

How should Local 5.5.3 be configured so that it exports and imports on its eventual home?

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