Moved some sites from MAMP to Local with Duplicator... "error establishing database connection"

What can I do to remedy this?
I am on the new 2.1.0 Pre-release

Every single one of them has the same error.

Here’s what I did with every site:

  1. Updated WordPress
  2. Updated Duplicator
  3. Created the Package
  4. Downloaded the archive (not the installer.php)
  5. Dragged the archive to the Local window
  6. Renamed the site’s display name.
  7. Tried to log in.

But then I get the “Error Establishing Connection to Database”

I’ve already done the WP-Repair wp-config setting and it didn’t change anything.
And I’ve checked the other values in the wp-config file, and they’re all the right values.

I’ll cooperate fully to get this fixed. Thanks for your help!

  • Tim