Cannot install new sites with Duplicator archive following upgrade

I’ve upgraded to v2.1.1 and sites that worked previously no longer work. I get database connection errors. I’ve tried re-installing Local but I continue to get the same errors.

I’ve tried installing an older version of Duplicator and now I get WordPress’s 5-minute install page when I visit the site.

I have since installed All-in-One WP Migration on my live site and everything appears to work ok. I created a new site in Local, installed All-in-One and successfully imported my live site.

Have there been reports of a conflict between the latest versions of Local and Duplicator?

It looks like there have been other reports of this, but I haven’t found any response from the flywheel folks . (Moved some sites from MAMP to Local with Duplicator... “error establishing database connection”)

I get the initial error “Error establishing a database connection” at site root, and then “your database needs to be repaired” if hitting wp-admin/. After banging around in the flywheel machine and database, though, it’s pretty clear that what’s wrong is that the database import failed when inserting records. The tables were created but there aren’t any option_values being set in wp_options – if you look at the table data, the values for important things like db_version and siteurl are unset.

I am currently working around the issue by:

  1. Importing my duplicator archive as usual using drag-and-drop
  2. dropping all the tables in the site database
  3. re-running the database.sql file in the site root*
    actually, running the duplicator installer.php is easier and takes care of option changes

I’m using MYSQLWorkbench to work on the db, but I figure you could do it any old way. Re-running database.sql seems to create the tables and records fine.

I didn’t spend a lot of time looking at logfiles, but can provide those if somebody from flywheel needs help debugging this issue. This site was one I deleted and then re-imported.

Hi all,

This will be resolved in the next version of Local (2.1.2) which is due for release very soon.

Sorry for the trouble!

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I don’t know if it is the same problem but I upgraded to Mac OS High Sierra and got a notification to upgrade Local. After I did it, now my Local sites don’t show properly some characteristics of themes, in particular I work with PageOrigin Site Builder and when I import a site from my hosts all buttons and tables have been changed to a default editor. It does not happen only with Duplicator. I tried both Duplicator package and a zip backed up with Backupwordpress and importing it. Same result. I’ve tried with a Mac OS Sierra with a previous copy of Local and works perfectly well. By the way, I don’t see how to check which version of Local I have.

The importer does seem to be working in 2.1.2, but I’ve had trouble when importing a duplicator archive where the original was hosted in its own subdirectory off the site root (eg at rather than just

I’m working around it by using the duplicator installer in manual mode and changing the imported site to sit at the site root. If you run into a similar problem, beware browser caches!