Importing site from Duplicator archive fails

Hi there,
I have a backup of a site that was created with the Duplicator plugin.
As I’ve read, I should be able to just import it into Local without any issues, but when I tried it, after the “installing process”, when I click on “visit site”, I got Error establishing a database connection.
The folder structure seems to be good (app->public->wp files, app->sql->sql files). The wp-config.php file does not have any credentials. Where should I look for solution? The other support threads about issues like this didn’t seem to help.

Also, when I fill out the credentials in wp-config (local, root, root, localhost), I get redirected to the original domain.

Hey, which version of Local and what OS are you running?

For reference, I just tested that I was able to use Duplicator to restore a backup that I created with Duplicator. My process was:

  • Create a new site in Local
  • Copy the installer.php & archive to the Local site’s /public/ folder
  • Rename the wp-config.php file (Local should have created this and you can use the credentials from it for the Duplicator form). In my case, and probably all Local sites:
  • With the wp-config.php file renamed you shouldn’t have any issues running http://yoursitedoomain.local/installer.php with the default Local site credentials

Hi Matt,
My OS: macOS 10.14.5
Local version: 3.3.0 and 5.0.7

So, when I tried to import just the archive, I was using 3.3.0, which didn’t do the job right. When I first created the site, and then installed the site with the installer.php, it worked!

Since I’ve read that I should be able to just drag and drop the archive into Local, now I’ve tried 5.0.7, and there, the drag&drop worked amazingly.

I’ve downgraded to 3.3.0, because I needed MySQL 5.7 for my projects. Are you planning to have an environment customiser in v5 too? Or is there a way to set MySQL version in 5.0.7? Or do I have to keep up two versions of Local?

We are definitely working on getting custom environments added back into Local. Version 5 is a big difference in how Local creates the virtual environments. Previously Local by Flywheel relied on VirtualBox but without that we can increase performance quite a bit (as well as getting something out that is fully compatible with Mac OS Catalina). This required focussing efforts on getting basic core functionality first, but we fully plan on re-adding environment variables!

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