Moving site to my own server

Hi! Just trying LocalWP. Is there an easy way to upload a LocalWP site to my own CPanel server? Since I have my own servers, I’m not interested in the WpEngine or Flywheel servers. Other than using “duplicator” to clone the site and manually upload it to my server, is there a better options?

Hi @barajasfernando

The short answer is that what you’re doing already using Duplicator and manually uploading is probably the easiest method.

Outside of Local Connect to WPE/FW, the best bet for getting sites from Local to other servers/hosts is using some sort of migration plugin (we recommend WP Migrate), but you can also manually move files over manually as well. Once a Local site is Started, you can click the site name on the left-hand side which generates a simple export zip file of the site if needed.

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