Multiple sites remote host issue for local dev

I just setup the Local app and its runs amazingly smooth! I’ve noticed that when I put the remote host url in the browser, it loads site-1 in the browser, but the remote host url is also the same for site-2. When site 1 is disabled, if I refresh the url - it says the router is down and I cant browse either site. How do I access the 2nd site with the remote host url and or the remote host port?


Hey Spencer,

Glad to hear you’re liking it so far!

As far as the Remote Host goes, that IP and port is for connecting to MySQL if I’m understanding you correctly.

Local already adds entries to the /etc/hosts file for all of your Local site domains and it points to that same IP. Just accessing the sites with the IP address will leave the web server up to serving the first site in its configuration.

If you need to access your Local sites on another device, the best way is to use the “Live Link” functionality which can be found at the bottom of the site info panel in Local.

Hi @clay,

Thanks for the reply. This was answered in another post that you wrote in recently - so thank you for the help!