Unable to access to my site after loaded on web server

I, i have loaded 2 sites on web servers made with local. After that, I can’t access to the web site on the same computer. I can see and work the sites on a other computer. I have cleaned cache of all my browsers, stoped Local, etc. with no succes. Need a little help! Thank you!

Hi Roxanne,

The domains of the Local site(s) may be the same as the live site(s). If your live site domain is something like site.com, you’ll want the Local site domain to be site.local otherwise it will conflict.

If this is the case, you can change the site domain of the Local sites by selecting the site in Local and then clicking “Change Domain”.

Thank you very much. The local site had the same name because it was very easy after to put it on the server. But i will do what you suggest. Thank you very much.