Cant access site made on local after upload to sitegrund on one computer

I can access the online site from all other computers. But some how the computer (Imac) where I developed the site on local it keeps accessing it locally, or try to.
I have removed local and virtual box. Now the browser say that the site is could not be reached.
I have tried 3 different browsers on may Imac.
I have flushed dns cache.
Cleared browser.
Restartet computer.

Any ideas how to

Hi @Louise,

Sorry about this! I know it can cause some panic.

Based off of what you’re saying, it sounds like your Local site has the same exact domain as the live site on SiteGround. We generally recommend that the Local site has a domain such as site.local while the live site has a domain of

If this is the case, there are two quick ways to resolve this:

1. Change the site domain in Local

  • Open Local
  • Start the site
  • Right-click on the site in Local’s sidebar
  • Go to “Change Domain”
  • Change the domain to something other than the live domain

2. Remove the conflicting entry in your system’s host file (/etc/hosts on Mac)

  • Open
  • Run sudo nano /etc/hosts
  • Use your arrow keys to delete the line with the domain that you’re having issues with
  • To save the file, press Ctrl + X then Y

For more details on this process, see


  • number 2 did the trick for me as I had deleted local in frustration

How would I do No 2 on Windows?

Hi Bruce, I found this link that might help you