Transfer/copy a site to a multisite

I’ve set up a multisite online. The ‘child’ sites, no problem. I just want to know if I can safely transfer a backup of my local version (not a multisite, build on localWP) to the ‘mother’ site. Or should I do that manually, page by page?

Hi @josf

Are you trying to create a new subsite from your Local site within the multisite? Or are you attempting some other type of content refresh?

It may be best to do this a bit more manually as multisite stuff can be tricky. As with anything development it would also be best to take multiple backups along the way in case things go sideways.

If you want to put the entire multisite into Local first and get everything updated there, then migrate it back to where it’s hosted you could also do that. It would be more work but would avoid anything “breaking” on the live site.

I set up a multisite with no content, as recommended.
Next, I set up a few childs. Mainly to see if it works. (It does.)
Now I have an empty mother site that I want to fill with content.
The plugins are all there. (Of course, it is the mother site)
I have a regular site on LocalWP.
I want to transfer the content to the empty mother site.
I’d like to use WPVivid or Updraft Plus for it.
But I don’t want to get into technical trouble, hence my question.

If you want to go the plugin route, WP Migrate has several multisite deploy options that could be useful and have great documentation here:

As a note, the plan type required depends on the type of multisite migration:

If migrating the full multisite to another multisite, then the Plus plan will do the job.

If migrating in to, out of, or between networks, then they will need the Multisite Tools which are only available in the Premier plan.