My plugins and activations keep timing out? Impossible to install or activate any of my plugins

My plugins and activiations keep timeing out. Impossible to install or activate any of my plugins.

Hi Austin,

Sorry for the trouble!

Is this on macOS or Windows? Also, can you provide the error(s) that you’re seeing?

By the way, I like your username :smiley:. Biltong was one of my favorite things about South Africa!

Hi Clay. Thanks for reply. I am on Windows 10 x64.

I spot the problem when I try to refresh the website or save, activate and so on. It freezes and then times out… I have to then stop the site inside local and restart it to carry on where I left off. It works fine for about 30mins or so after that. When it does lose connectivity before I have to reset the local site, I get a router timeout error. I will send a pick for you if/when it happens again. I think it is an error 404? Might be wrong.

Any help will be appreciated. I am able to work but getting stopped like this is a serious time waster.

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