My site pages aren't loading

I have a problem with my site, basically everything is ok on the word press dashboard… I can access all the pages but when I try to access a page of my website to modify it, the loading with is successful and remains blocked without opening the page… I thought they were the blugins and I deactivated them all except 1 which I need to display sliders for the display of my products (the plugin: Depicter Slider… I only made 2 slides ). but ninete to do doesn’t load the page anyway… what can I do to solve this problem? Could it be that I’m having this problem because I’m hosting locally and not online?
I apologize in advance if there are any English errors.
I took a picture to understand.
thank you so much for your availability!

Hi @SamueleMarin02

I’m not sure I understand the issue fully here yet. Are you having trouble accessing the front end of the site or your editor? It could be a performance issue like memory or a timeout in that case as well. You could try running through our guide here to help:

If that’s not the problem or you’re still having trouble make record a short video to share using Loom or similar and we’ll be happy to take another look.

excellent thank you very much! of the support… in the end it was a slider from one of my plugins that blocks everything… a simple slide… well


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Glad to hear it @SamueleMarin02! Thank you for the update :green_heart:

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